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Earn incremental revenue from smart communications with the built-in Supplier Access module. Optimize your distribution channels based on real retailer data. Make your business relationship as transparent and mutually beneficial as possible

% of total SalesStock QtyPostponement in daysReceived Products Qty


powerful pre-built interactive retailer reports to increase sales and profits


300+ valuable and real chain metrics to understand the amount of inventory and popularity of your products


the average receipt per category and product, avoid lost sales due to late delivery

Retailer engagement and data transparency

By accessing real retailer data with automatic daily updates, you get up-to-date information about your products' availability, sales and sales share. You can manage your shipments on your own, offer additional products to the retailer and earn impressive incremental income. With the help of the Supplier Access module on the BES platform, your relationship with the chain will be as transparent and mutually beneficial

Sales increase

Relevant and dynamic data shows the real picture of the sales of your products. It allows you to quickly respond to reduced sales, problems with the availability of products, price levels or low demand. You will be able to influence the amount of income and increase sales value up to 20-25%. Become an active participant in the online sales of your products and increase their size

Inventory Management

Control the stock of your products in all retail stores. By accessing inventory information for each SKU, you can better predict OOS and improve service levels (timeliness and completeness of orders). So you can easily reduce lost sales to 15-18%


Use retailer data in a convenient format. With the built-in Supplier Access module, you will have access not only to tables and reports but also to interactive dynamic dashboards. They can be filtered to assess the chain's sales performance from the proper angle, get insights and make effective management decisions

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