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Datawiz team is united by a passion for data, technology, code and willingness to develop Ukrainian IT product. Our DATAWIZards develop platforms and applications for the data analysis and automation of processes in retail

Our considerable skill is the ability to make easier the complex data world. 17 countries all over the world successfully use our products. And we don’t give up and never stop!

Our office – is a comfortable place for working, relaxing, communicating with colleagues and solving difficult tasks together. It’s a place where you can easily find support from open-minded friends and tune in the working process

Our values


We’re responsible for what we’re doing to the company and our team


We are open to new ideas, technologies and implementations


We are always ready to adjust to a project or a new technology

Sense of humor

Laughter makes our lives longer, so we know how to laugh at ourselves and at colleagues

Datawiz people

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How is it to be a part of the Datawiz team?


It means you get support for your big ideas

It means you feel in the right place and understand the value that you bring to the company


It means to have concrete technical requirements and a tech stack that makes our work faster and effective

It means to use all advantages of flexible working hours


It means to have fun and laugh to tears at parties and teambuilding meetings

It means a work&life balance


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