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Organize the effective work of the merchandising department with the help of Datawiz products. Turn store insights into a clear roadmap to achieve business goals

40%10%20%80%Planogram creationLayout controlProblem products controlNew SKU tracking


to adjust the assortment


to sales data analytics


of product placement efficiency and store audit


operational data on assortment changes (non-selling items, new SKUs, out-of-stock)


of the planogramming process (store space optimization, creation of planograms, control of the layout in the store)

Control Assortment Changes

Instant access to analytical reports and all information about changes in the assortment (new SKUs, goods for inventory, overstock, lost sales, forecast of zero stock in each store). Keep prices up-to-date and respond quickly to changes in sales. Make a decision based on analytical data!


Analyze Problematic Products

Identify products that have different demand and turnover in different stores (best-selling in some stores, but slow-moving at others). Carry out timely rotations and avoid loss of store profits because of sales decline. Control the inventory. Identify products that need to be removed from the assortment and predict out-of-stock

Automate Your Work With Planograms

Create and edit store planograms on the Datawiz BES platform. Implement different techniques to attract the attention of customers to shelves and products using layout automation tools. Optimize shelf space to increase in-store sales. The platform solution is a whole range of opportunities for merchandisers: creating and customizing an effective layout of goods on a planogram, sending planograms and monitoring the display in stores, sales analytics and tracking the customers traffic (hot and cold zones of the store)


Manage Layout and Control Planogram Compliance

Resolve product placement issues and update planograms quickly. Analyze in-store planogram efficiency. Control the execution of the layout using the Image recognition functionality, which compares the photo reports of the layout with planograms

Unify All Store Merchandising Processes on a Single Platform

Automation of the planogramming process integrates tools for the store processes and provides easy communication of the merchandising department with all the stores. Features of a unified planogramming system on Datawiz BES platform:

  • creation and editing of the store layout and trade equipment;
  • building planograms and layout customizing;
  • optimization of shelf space and sales area;
  • inventory monitoring: overstock and out-of-stock;
  • assortment management: new products, non-selling items;
  • heat map of the customers’ traffic in the trading floor;
  • monitoring the effectiveness of planograms in stores;
  • product sales analysis


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