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Make every promotion profitable and increase customer engagement through personalized marketing activities. With BESt analytics, every step you take will confidently lead you to your desired goals

ROI, %Promo Products20%Profit Goal20%20%20%Advertising costs


complementary products/brands/categories with shopping cart analysis in a few clicks


customer churn by up to 27% due to building long-term and rewarding customer relationships


every decision to specific customers and achieve your desired ROI with ease


BES solutions help the team analyze the effectiveness of each promotion, plan promotional events better and use basket analysis to find out what and in which combination is better to offer customers. Platform reports will improve the mechanics of promotions, increase the average receipt by 12-18% and achieve your goals faster


Loyalty Program

Customer analytics in BES platform reports involves an in-depth assessment of loyalty program customers, allows you to conduct RFM and cohort analysis in a few clicks and evaluate the sales funnel and customer churn. This advanced customer segmentation will help you deliver relevant offers to each customer group and increase ROI by 10-15%

Conversion Management

Understanding customer behavior, expectations and preferences help you increase the satisfaction of each customer and strengthen their loyalty to the chain. It allows you not only to maintain existing customers but also to attract new customers and expand the customer base. BES analytics will help you target each of your decisions and marketing activities to specific groups of buyers, which will reduce the cost of external communication and increase the conversion of chain customers

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