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Store Manager App

Store Manager is a mobile application for operational control of the performance indicators of a chain of retail outlets from a smartphone. An important BI tool in the phone for top management of chains, store managers, and supervisors.

Store Manager App

Features of Store Manager

An in-depth analysis

View critical sales metrics such as turnover, number of checks and sales, and average check size by day, week, month, or year.

Execution of sales plans

The analytical mobile application allows you to monitor the plan's implementation for an individual store and the chain as a whole. The algorithm predicts the expected performance based on the current sales dynamics for timely decision-making following current circumstances.

Promotional products

Each store has exclusive information about promotional products: current, future, and problematic. If the dynamics of their sales are negative or absent, record the reason and solve it.

Cash desk management

Optimize your checkout schedule based on customer traffic. With the help of workload visualization, identify peak hours to efficiently allocate staff and provide fast customer service during busy sales.

Problem solving

The mobile application allows you to work efficiently with goods. The manager can identify and solve problems detected daily by algorithms or physically on-site. It is possible to identify the causes: no price tag, zero or negative balances, promotional items without sales, lack of shelf space, or broken display. In addition, you can share the detected data with the central office via any known messenger.

Optimization of balances

The inventory adjustment functionality allows you to check the actual availability of inventory on the shelf or in the warehouse and compare it with the accounting system. Such analysis allows timely identification of existing balances and elimination of problems: loss of goods, accounting errors, or theft.

Task Manager

Create, edit, and track the progress of tasks. Assign responsibilities, set deadlines, prioritize and list items, add checklists for recurring tasks, and communicate. Collaborate with your team to manage your workflow efficiently.

Dashboards BI

Dynamic dashboards created in the Datawiz BI analytical solution are available for viewing in the application.

Keep track of your store and chain in just a few clicks

Store management is easy and fast with our BES analytics platform.

Benefits of Store Manager

Analytics in your phone

Store Manager is a simple, convenient, and effective analytical application for your smartphone. Thanks to its analytical solution, it provides fast and high-quality interaction with critical indicators of your store. It enables strategic decision-making in just a few taps of your smartphone.

Integration with the BI system

The mobile application is part of the large Datawiz BI analytical solution. Integration into the Datawiz system provides a full range of data for effective management. Users can access in-depth analytics in their phones, covering current sales figures, lost sales, inventory management, promotions, and other vital indicators.

Important BI features in your phone

The app offers vital features that simplify store management. The "lost sales" and "photo report" functions help to identify and optimize the work with goods on the shelves. "Assortment activity and sold in other stores but not here help to update the product range, and stock control ensures that customers have the right products. These and other functions can be accessed in a few clicks.

Easy to use

Using Store Manager does not require deep technical knowledge or special skills. The interface and navigation are intuitive. Constant updates and consideration of user needs make the application comfortable to use.

Working with commodity items

Working with the product matrix in the phone allows managers to respond quickly to assortment changes. A point-by-point analysis of individual product items ensures effective management. This feature guarantees the definition of a marketing strategy, compliance with implementing plans, and adaptability to in-store management.


Store Manager can create and track tasks with additional chat for communication. This is a convenient communication channel for your team. With the ability to leave comments, discuss task details, or share relevant information, you can effectively exchange ideas and monitor each stage of work.
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