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Store Manager

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Mobile application for store managers

Store manager allows you to monitor the key indicators of the store, work with problem goods and evaluate the plan performance via smartphone. The daily update allows you to receive up-to-date information about the situation in the store


Service features


Analysis of key indicators

Store Manager allows you to analyze store data in detail in the terms of one day, week, or month. The user has access to information on the turnover, the number of checks, stocks, problem goods, and other important indicators

Monitoring the plan performance

This is an opportunity to check the performance of the store sales plans on a daily basis. The system based on special algorithms predicts the expected plan performance with the current sales dynamics and shows what is the rate of the store among all the chain stores


Identification of problem goods

The algorithm helps to work with problem goods, starting from the problems noted by store managers: running out in-store or on the shelf, poor layout, or when there’s no price tag. This allows you to see problems at the point of sale and solve them quickly

Analysis of promo goods

The application provides comprehensive information about each promo product at the point of sale and gives the ability to fix a problem with a promotional product if the sales dynamics are negative or absent


The checkout traffic

The checkout traffic analysis shows the peak hours in the store and gives recommendations on when to open additional checkouts or close unnecessary ones. Through the analysis, the store manager can evaluate and optimize the work of the cashier team