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Descriptive Analytics

Extend business intelligence across your organization and accelerate the chain growth!

SALESSALES QTYPROFIT629.18421.11.2022+0.337%36 416.30821.11.2022-1.337%98 420.47721.11.2022+0.134%Store №8Store №23Store № 2Store №26Store №9Store №15Store №113020100-10-20-30Sales % ChangeReceipt Qty % ChangeProfit % ChangeBUSINESSINTELLIGENCEMainRulesFAVORITESLABORATORYREPORTSDASHBOARDFor 21.11.2022Last 7 daysLast 30 daysLast 90 daysManagerBY SALES-15.713%69.455%CompletedPLAN20 482 343,371March 202228.846%EXPECTED COMPLETION81,031%March 2022-4.137%7550250Store №8Store №23Store №2Store №26TOP SHOPS BY COMPLETING THE PLAN47.73945.62743.43645.8651200960720480240022.0124.0126.0128.0130.0101.02Problem productsProblematicSolved14 days
Store №1DrinksCoca-colaPepsiFantaDoctor Pepper-3,745,79-9,31-9,08-37,8916,1945 805 178,992 725 089,25510 529,27507 711,042 818,234 918,45NameSales valueSales value changes

Multilevel reports

Use multilevel reports to get powerful insights at different levels of detail


Complement your solutions with real metrics and sales trend visualizations

$3,3481,348 sales


Get data-driven insights across all business processes in your chain

Descriptive analytics on BES services

BES platform reports provide a wide variety of metrics (profit, average receipt, GMROI) and visualizations that allow you to look at the situation from different angles. They can be detailed by different time intervals and sections. It allows you to understand what is happening in stores (categories, brands), identify weaknesses, and effectively manage all business processes
Store №8Store №23Store № 2Store №26Store №9Store №15Store №113020100-10-20-30Sales % ChangeReceipt Qty % ChangeProfit % ChangeMainRulesFAVORITESLABORATORYREPORTSDASHBOARDFor 21.11.2022Last 7 daysLast 30 daysLast 90 daysManagerBY SALES-23.609%44.382%CompletedPLAN22 626 131.76621.11.2022+56.513%EXPECTED COMPLETION22 626 131.76621.11.2022+5.109%7550250Store №8Store №23Store №2Store №26TOP SHOPS BY COMPLETING THE PLAN47.73945.62743.43645.86536 416.30821.11.2022-1.337%SALES QTY98 420.47721.11.2022+0.134%PROFIT629.18421.11.2022+0.337%SALES

Use insights to scale your business

Sales reports

Sales Reports are a set of analytic reports with vital metrics and data visualizations that will reveal all aspects of store operation from different angles.

Go beyond standard business intelligence and empower all your employees by integrating smart tools into workflows that will accelerate business growth by up to 15-20%.

20182017201920202021202201M2M3MAnnualSales statisticStatistics1 Oct3 Oct7 Oct10 Oct14 Oct20 Oct23 Oct27 Oct30 Oct01k2k3k4k$2,714YearMonthWeekDayAverage receiptSales QtySalesStatistics

Assortment reports

Managing the product assortment allows you to increase chain sales up to 5-7% quickly and without additional costs. Reports of the analytical platform BES are equipped with the most effective tools: ABC/XYZ analysis, BCG matrix, cumulative curve, and various visualizations. They will become your indispensable assistants in optimizing the assortment policy.

Take the guesswork out of data and improve the productivity of every category manager

02468101214161820Cumulative curve+2.45%10075250Dairy productsMeat and fishDrinksFruits and vegetables11%24%26%39%AssortmentStatistics

Reports to evaluate the effectiveness of the Loyalty Program

Customer Analytics from BES are relevant and complete data about all your customers. With their help, you can build an effective strategy for interacting with customers.

Flexible customer segmentation of the loyalty program will allow you to identify the most valuable customers, effective regions and the most popular product or category.

Such information will help you develop high-impact targeted marketing and increase profit by 1.5 times. Loyalty program reports make it easy to prepare, evaluate and visualize Big Data for all chain customers, identify patterns in their purchasing behavior (average receipt, shopping carts), attract up to 25% more customers and maximize margin

0M5M10M20M25MEastWestNorthSouthCenterTurnoverTurnover program dynamicsLoyalty program dynamicsStatistics

KPI assessment reports

Develop realistic plans for your stores and employees and track them in real time with BES analytics platform reports. Planning is one of the most difficult processes for a manager. We propose to entrust this task to the smart algorithms of our service. The current control of KPI for stores will help you to avoid failures and underfulfillment of sales plans, which will increase efficiency up to 17%.

Establishing and tracking KPI of category managers and cashiers will not only increase the efficiency of staff work, but also grow sales, improve supplies, and make a better chain reputation

+6.78%Plan+19.71%Expected completionCompleted80%Plan by SalesStatistics

Chain Life Monitoring Reports

Keep all business processes under control. With BES reporting, you'll always be aware of how much stock exists in the warehouse, what items need to be stocked, what the "behavior" of new SKUs is, and how effective promotions are. Reports will allow you to identify overstocks or out-of-stock in time, prevent lost sales, select winning strategies at the product, brand or store level.

Reduce costs by 15-17% and maximize profitability, get important information in time and react to it to be one step ahead of competitors

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