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Client integration with BES platform

Integration with the platform goes through a connection to an intermediate database

During the first technical call with the client's IT specialists, we explain the entire connection process step by step

The integration process consists of the following steps:

Acquaintance with the client’s IT specialists for explaining the integration process, and determining the technical capabilities of both sides
Intermediate database creation and filling in the database by the client regarding the structure and description that we provide
Uploading historical data to the service and checking is correctness
Starting daily data upload

Data security and integrity

Data security is a top priority

The platform has implemented modern methods of protecting client information, we conduct regular monitoring and audit of data security levels. Only proven, up-to-date, and licensed software is used for development

Compliance with international standards

The data processing centers comply with the international information security standards DIN ISO/IEC 27001 and are audited annually. Data centers are protected around the clock by electronic access control and video surveillance. SSL, TLS, SSH, and other protocols are used to protect against virtual intruders

Backup and testing

In case of unexpected technical failures, a weekly backup process is set up to avoid data loss. Our team monitors notifications from various sources and internal systems in order to detect and prevent threats in time. We check all parts of the program code, perform penetration testing and security testing

Protection of personal information

Our clients remain the sole owners of their data. Only they have access to their information because we comply with data security and privacy laws. All access is granted to client administrators, and only they can provide, distribute, and set data display options