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Transform your business with real and interactive analytics to increase EBITDA, streamline operations and make better business decisions


the most out of your data and insights


all business processes on the chain, minimizing time and resource costs


chain sales with the best return

Chain sales management

Store sales reports, visualizations and dashboards based on live data allow you to always be aware of the chain and each store. The interactivity of tables and dashboards shows the most important indicators of sales, inventory and chain performance every day in the required detail

Real-time analytics, guaranteed by the BES platform, allows you to identify problem areas in time and make effective decisions focused on profit growth

Control of the chain KPI

Operational control over the implementation of the plan for sales and profits of the chain allows you to timely prevent failures, improve KPIs and scale the business. With BES reports, you are able to understand in the middle of the month what results each store will achieve if the appropriate measures are not taken. Actively influence the value of sales value and profit based on real and operational data


Creation of a single analytical reality for all employees

With the integration of BES solutions, you are able to track how one of your decisions will affect the results of the entire team

With BES, all your employees are in one digital space that helps them make effective decisions based on quality data. With us, you help your team do their job better!

Data acquisition rate for analysis

All the necessary data is already systematized in one place. You don't have to wait to upload them or ask analysts for help. With a few clicks - and you will see all the necessary indicators in a convenient format: tables, visualizations, dashboards. BES reports help you not waste time preparing data but focus on making important management decisions


Risk management

Predict and mitigate chain risk based on historical and dynamic data. With the help of built-in artificial intelligence, you can choose the best solution and reduce the likelihood of failures and errors in crisis conditions. BES solutions "highlights" the right path toward achieving your goals


Business optimization

The BES analytics platform includes a variety of solutions to automate most of the chain's business processes. It allows you to get a complete picture of each store and chain, find weak places and access insights for the business

BES solutions are systematized in one place and use a single database that requires different capacities. It is no longer necessary to have significant funds and maintain various services to assess the business. You can trust these tasks to a single analytical platform BES

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