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Datawiz BES: one platform, multiple analytics solutions

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Datawiz BES

BES is a platform that covers the entire process of analysis and automation in retail. Algorithms find useful insights and problems in real time. They also notify all levels of management about them

Datawiz BI

Datawiz BI

Analytical reporting service for setting up, optimizing and analyzing all chain processes

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A service for automating planogramming processes, from creating planograms to checking their execution

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Data Monetization

Data Monetization

A modern portal for selling retailers' data to suppliers which allows to get up to 2.5% additional income

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Mobile Analytics

Mobile Apps

Mobile analytics to track key performance indicators and issues in each store of the chain

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Data Transparency on a Single BES Platform

Integration with any Accounting System

The BES platform integrates with most of well-known accounting systems. Get insights from the first minutes of connection

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Single Connection to All Services

By integrating once, you can access all solutions on the platform without additional connections. A single source of data provides insights into all solutions and mobile applications of the platform

A single connection

Single Community for Working with Data

The platform unites all solutions for analysis and automation. Analyze and visualize, control, interact with colleagues and partners within a single community

A single community

Flexible Access Settings

The platform's services are available from any devices for all chain employees. The admin panel on the platform allows to independently determine the level of access to Datawiz BES solutions

Flexible access

Daily Update

Data on the platform is updated automatically on a daily basis or as often as the client needs

Daily update

Data Storage and Security

A modern technology stack allows to safely upload and structure large amount of data transmitted over encrypted channels using the TSL protocol.

The transfer of information is also possible using a VPN. The platform's servers are hosted by the Hetzner certified cloud provider (ISO270001)

Data storage and security

Set of Solutions from Our Team of Experts for Your Team of Experts

Analytical Reporting

BES analytics contains more than 60 customizable reports and 700+ metrics to find insights and identify weaknesses in business

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Data Visualization

With the help of the Builder service every employee gets access to personalized, interactive visualizations in services and mobile applications of the platform

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Selling Data

With the Data Monetization service you can provide paid access to your data to suppliers, build transparent relationships and to receive additional income

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Merchandising Automation

Integrate the entire merchandising process and performance analysis based on one solution. Save up to 50% of your time when creating a layout in your chain

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Mobile Applications

Get access to live analytics on your smartphone. Mobile applications of the platform are designed to provide fast analysis, the work of managers in the store, reporting process and communication between stores and top management

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We are trusted by retailers in 17 countries

Increase Profits by Solving Problems Quickly

The platform's mobile analytics allows to identify problems in each store, respond to them in time and increase productivity by reducing analysis time

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