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Category Managers

Analyze sales trends of controlled categories and create an optimal assortment matrix. Power up the potential of your categories!

Cost of sales% of total ProfitAvg inventoryPenetration rate %

Find out

which categories and products resonate with shoppers for the best sales performance


out-of-stocks and overstocks to minimize chain profit losses


the content of the category with products, which will increase the average receipt

Category Management

Detailed statistics for each category will help you control all KPIs, study the price distribution of products in it and track the dynamics of sales metrics. And also determine the level of customer loyalty to it. Structured data reflects all the opportunities and threats of each category, which allow you to respond in time and increase the average receipt for it by 10-17%

Category matrix optimization

The analytical platform contains many tools for optimizing the assortment matrix. Thus, the category card in BI reports allows you to evaluate in detail the fullness of each category, identify products that are in the greatest demand and bring the profit removing slow-moving products. It helps you invest in an assortment that doesn't “freeze” funds in the stocks and increases the profitability of the chain


Out-of-stock control

Lost sales caused by zero stocks reduce chain revenue by up to 20%. Reports on the BES platform help you control stocks for all categories and products, predict their out-of-stock and plan timely orders from suppliers. Smart algorithms allow you to process complex data of product stock without significant effort and waste of time. Increase chain sales by ensuring the availability of products on store shelves 24/7

Supply chain setup

Interaction with suppliers is an important condition for the success of the store. BES reports help you choose reliable partners and control the timeliness and completeness of product deliveries for each category. The system of special indicators and visualizations shows you all the weak points in cooperation with suppliers. You can control all supply chains and optimize them for the needs of the store

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