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Actionable intelligence

Generate data-driven insights for your business without involving experts

BUSINESSINTELLIGENCEMainRulesFAVORITESLABORATORYREPORTSNOTIFICATIONSNotificationInboxArchiveNotifications4KnowledgeThe conditions in the Sales rule have been triggeredThe conditions in the Sales rule have been triggered on the New visualization03-02-2023 04:02The conditions in the Profit rule have been triggeredThe conditions in the Profit rule have been triggered on the Main dashboard02-02-2023 11:02The conditions in the Receipt Qty rule have been triggeredThe conditions in therule have been triggered on the New visualizationReceipt Qty01-02-2023 09:45The conditions in the Average receipt rule have been triggeredThe conditions in therule have been triggered on the New visualizationAverage receipt01-02-2023 04:20

Big Data

Explore and evaluate Big Data in depth, discovering hidden anomalies and undesirable trends in time. With the help of built-in modules on the BES platform, you are always notified of non-obvious trends in your business

Receive timely

notifications of the slightest deviations from established plans and expected KPIs


analytics by making it as useful as possible for every role in business processes


a common data source for all employees and be in a single reality

Actionable intelligence is a powerful impulse for the development of your business

Actionable intelligence makes your decisions effective and timely based on deep insights into trends and chain experience. It helps you always be aware of the smallest and non-obvious anomalies in business processes. You will also receive notifications of deviations from the norm using intelligent algorithms and share insights with colleagues


Keep control over all critical points of the chain using the built-in "Rules" functionality. It allows you to set up conditions (boundary values of metrics) with the ability to receive notifications about their detection. So you can quickly respond to unwanted situations, automate the process of monitoring critical chain metrics and make decisions to improve business processes

BUSINESSINTELLIGENCEMainRulesFAVORITESLABORATORYREPORTSMETRICSNotifications1KnowledgeStatisticsEffectiveness of the category managerProfit5M4M3M2M1M04M6M8M10M12M14M16M18MSales1Manager3 69983.52Manager 21 41094,525Manager 36 92794.91Manager 45 89405.8239Manager 56 81743.93Create a RuleNote! The rule is applied to metrics, dimensions andvisualization filters.TitleSales QtySet the conditions for activating the ruleSales QtyLess576Receive notificationsRegularity of checking for notificationWeekMonClearCancelApply


The notification system on the BES platform is focused on quickly informing about critical chain performance metrics at a convenient time and in the right way. There is no need to constantly review dozens of reports and compare hundreds of metrics. Actionable intelligence does it for you and sends a notification about deviation from the norm at the right time. This minimizes the execution time of routine calculations and increases the efficiency of each solution

Data distribution

A successful negotiation company, business meetings, and discussion of crises situations need unity of data. On the BES platform, you can share your insights with collected, filtered and visualized metrics. It is enough to choose the appropriate method for distributing data, set access restrictions and send it to your colleagues or partners