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Store managers

Make quick decisions based on structured data in real-time and use the full potential of the store to achieve the best results

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the best store management option using live analytics


trends and improve store sales


all weaknesses in business processes in a timely manner and optimize them using AI technologies

Active participation in the analysis of store business processes

Implementing BES analytics allows you to deep into the analysis process and become an active participant. This will improve the management of all business processes in the store. Regardless of whether it connects with establishing processes for the supply of products, their storage and sale or interest and interaction with customers. Alive analytics, dashboards and visualizations will make every management decision timely and effective without intuitive assumptions. The insights obtained from the reports will help optimize all business processes and increase the store's profit by 25%

Tracing of key metrics across the store

The BES analytical platform expands the boundaries of the analytical space. You can easily analyze and visualize Big Data by categories, brands, and products. This will allow you to:

  • identify subsidence in sales, understand their causes, and eliminate them;
  • monitor and analyze the implementation of plans in real time;
  • control the stock and movement of products, detect non-selling products and products for rediscounting;
  • evaluate the effectiveness of promotions and together with marketers, choose an effective strategy for promotional events.
The platform reports will help you find patterns in your customer's buying behavior, identify popular products and categories, choose the right pricing strategy and, as a result, increase your store's margin by 12%


Setting reasonable goals

Set realistic and objective goals (SMART) for the store based on a comprehensive evaluation of historical data in BES reports. Use built-in artificial intelligence technologies to identify all the smallest trends and set goals in the required detail: category, brand and product. A single analytical space and shared data access will help you quickly inform all managers about your goals. This will make your strategy, plans and KPI clear to all participants in business processes. In such an analytical system, each manager will be able to manage their performance and influence their statistics to achieve the store's overall goals

Monitoring store performance from a mobile phone

The Store Manager is a mobile application for managers. It allows you to:

  • monitor the key indicators of the store from a smartphone;
  • evaluate the daily implementation of plans for the store;
  • identify problematic products and minimize their impact on sales;
  • handle the work of the manager using the built-in module - Task Manager

Increasing staff productivity

Control all the critical KPIs of your employees and take the necessary measures. In BES reports, such indicators are collected and systematized in a convenient format, which will allow you to track their achievements with the necessary detail, visualize and make them transparent to all staff. This will not only increase the productivity of employees but also optimize most of the store's business processes

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