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Datawiz BI

Make decisions based on real data


Save up to 50% of the time on building planograms

Store Manager

Control indicators from anywhere at any time

Data Share

Recoup your costs for platform products

8 years in retail
17 countries over the world
65 clients
36 experts in retail and IT

Smart AI Solutions for Retailers!

The BES platform, using artificial intelligence algorithms, learns to work with your data, find weaknesses and opportunities for optimization in 1 click


Datawiz BI

Datawiz BI

Making decisions based on real data

Datawiz BI is an analytical reporting service for setting up, optimizing, and analyzing all retail chain processes



Save up time on building planograms

PlanoHero is a service for automating planogramming processes, from creating planograms to checking their execution

Store Manage

Store Manager

Control indicators from anywhere at any time

Store Manager is a mobile application for operative analysis and store performance control

Benefits of BES platform


The BES platform combines solutions for different chain processes. This makes it possible to quickly access new products and interact with different services within the same platform without additional integration

Focus on retail

Each service, report, or platform metric is created for retail processes. You get insights from your data immediately after the integration without the necessity to build complex formulas and do calculations by yourself

Integration with any accounting system

The BES platform integrates with most accounting systems. The whole process takes place together with the experts of the BES team, who consult and accompany the client's IT specialists throughout the integration


The platform quickly processes the amount of client’s data and efficiently generates each report. A several-year report on the entire chain assortment is being generated in 3 seconds

Daily data update

The data on the platform is updated automatically on a daily basis or as often as required by the client. Each participant in the business process receives up-to-date indicators for fast decision-making

Compensation for service payment

Using the platform, you can not only get insights for making your own decisions but also allow your partners to do so. Provide paid data access to your suppliers and recoup the cost of platform products

Integration and Security

Integration with BES goes through a connection to an intermediate database. During the first technical call, we explain to the client's IT specialists the entire connection process step by step and accompany them through the integration process


The platform is integrated into most accounting systems. The data loading process consists of three main blocks:

Step 1

The client creates an intermediate database according to the detailed structure that we provide and show on the first technical call

Step 2

The client uploads historical data into an intermediate database and sets up daily synchronization

Step 3

The BES team uploads the data to the platform, checks the correctness of the upload, and sets up a daily update

Solutions for all participants of the business process

With the help of BES, each manager can control the key performance indicators and evaluate their impact on the retail chain. The service reporting helps to set the right KPIs, monitor their implementation, analyze the work of the team and make decisions based on up-to-date data

Platform applications reduce the amount of routine work, the time it takes to complete it, and help you react quickly to assortment, layout, or supply issues. The manager can evaluate the dynamics of the store, find weaknesses and strengthen them

The main tool for working with your category: the platform provides comprehensive, up-to-date, and operational information about each product, brand, or subcategory. From the analytical reports of the platform, you can get the right arguments for a successful negotiation campaign with suppliers or manufacturers. Also, this information is the reason for making changes to the assortment matrix or the choice of pricing policy for each SKU

Ready-made reporting with the ability to analyze data of any business process of the chain quickly and flexibly. Services provide aggregated, structured, and validated data that can easily be turned into dynamic dashboards without any extra routine work. All indicators and algorithms are pre-configured, programmed, and ready to use on the basis of a single platform

The platform provides tools for building and automating the planogramming process. It combines tools for working with the store, shelves, and goods and also provides easy communication between the planogramming department and chain stores

The service's reports will help you customize your promotions, deeply research and segment your client’s base to understand customer needs, and create the best value proposition. Launch marketing campaigns based not on assumptions but on real data and metrics