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Tableau Software

Analytical platform for data analysis and vizualization.
Only by one click you can upload data from your Datawiz account to Tableau.

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Power BI

Platform for creating visualization and dashboards. By using Power BI you can easily monitor important KPIs of your business.
All analytics on your smartphone.

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Cloud-based mobile and desktop messaging app.
Datawiz Assistant has answers about your business KPIs.

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Connect data to people and business decisions

Executives of all structural units face the relevance and appropriateness of decisions making problems. To remain market leaders and ensure steady growth of the company, they need have relevant and reliable data of the business.

With each participant of business process gets easy access to all the necessary reports and metrics, which are in one place. No matter whether it's marketing department or customer loyalty department or sales department, service covers all business processes and makes data access more conveniently.

Each service report is formed in 10 seconds. It allows to quickly obtain the necessary performance. If earlier for ABC analysis assortment the analyst could take a day, but now it can be done in a few clicks for any shop or product group.   

We integrate all data per shops, categories, products, suppliers and brands in one place. It allows comprehensive analysis and makes informed decisions.

Can the heads of the departments in your company build their own request and extract the required performance of the database? Most likely - they can not. They are turning to analysts or programmers. Then wait until the report is formed and hope for its relevance. solved this problem by making available all the necessary operational and strategic management accounting in one place.

For marketers the available analytical section "Marketing" allows you to analyze stocks, to determine the typical basket of customers and to compare them with each other.

In the section "Loyalty" it has reports and metrics of loyalty program, implemented cohort analysis and funnel sales.

The section "Terminal" is for the management of shops and staffs. It allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of cashiers, terminal traffic, and determine peak hours.

Reports in sections "Special and Sales" allow you to monitor the implementation of sales plans and control the OoS. In minutes categorical manager can conduct ABC analysis to determine the turnover rate of product group.

With analytics you can transformed any data into new knowledge and ideas. But for it is not enough simply create tables or graphs. If there are a lot of data than tables are not informative and difficult to analyze, and graphics do not reflect hidden relationships.

We offer a solution analyzing for large amounts of data by using interactive visualizations and dashboards.

Service Datawiz Builder allows you to create customized dashboards for each operational manager in chain. For example, for categorical manager of meat department we can form dashboard that will display all the necessary information per products and subcategory of Meat products category.

In dashboards can be include any sales  metrics in dimensions of shops, categories or products. Service contains about 20 types of visualizations to display the data and forming customized reports.

All created visualizations and dashboards are integrate with BI You can share them with your colleagues or send to e-mail. It is unique possibility to form personal reports for each operational manager.

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