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Make decisions based on real data!

BI includes more than 60 analytical reports for all retail chain processes

The service allows you to create custom dashboards and visualizations based on the received data. The main goal of BI is to simplify the process of analyzing all key indicators in real-time and track changes that can influence the chain and its effectiveness


The reporting of the service allows you to track sales dynamics, and analyze the effectiveness of the assortment, marketing campaigns, and reliability of suppliers

Unique algorithms provide insights from the data, reduce the time for analysis and save it on making important decisions

Service features

Sales analysis

The ability to evaluate all the main indicators for each product and category in terms of the store, region, or the entire retail chain. Reporting helps to analyze the drawdown in sales, comparing year to year, and month to month. The service includes tools for quickly finding the reasons for negative or positive dynamics at all levels, from stores, down to categories and SKUs


Supplier reliability assessment

Analytics of key indicators and consolidated reporting on all chain suppliers give the strongest advantage in the negotiation process. Reports allow you to analyze the stability of deliveries, order sizes, the number of stocks, returns, or losses due to short deliveries. This information allows you to evaluate the feasibility of cooperation with each supplier and change agreements, if necessary

Stock control and optimization

The reporting of the service allows you to predict out-of-stock at each store and this allows you correctly form an order. At the same time, take into account the turnover of each product and the current stock at all stores. The order based on this data will help to avoid product gaps and reduce sales losses


Assortment optimization

The service allows you to conduct a comprehensive analysis of each product group, identify problematic products and give recommendations for adjusting the assortment. This is the main tool for working with optimization, which allows not only to make changes to the assortment but also to evaluate the effectiveness of decision-making

Loyalty program analysis

Part of the service reporting is aimed at working with the customer base of the loyalty program. It allows you to segment the base, identify key or problem customers and think over a working strategy. Consumer basket analysis provides the basis for building your unique selling proposition and the ability to target that proposition to the right customer segment