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Datawiz Connector

Datawiz Connector allows you to easily upload data to the platform's services. It also allows you to control the entire data exchange process in real time

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Advantages of Datawiz Connector

Datawiz Connector is your data's gateway to the world of fast analytics

Time-saving and autonomous operation

The tool can be used to automate the exchange of information from various sources. Choose from market-proven databases or CSV files: Your information remains under your complete control at any time and at any stage. This can free up time and resources for other tasks, such as decision-making or reporting

User-friendly interface

All steps of uploading via databases are intuitive and detailed. Thanks to a well-established onboarding process and technical documentation, you will avoid mistakes during the transfer process

Service security

Datawiz Connector uses the SSH protocol, which guarantees secure access to remote computers. It encrypts data sent between the remote computer and the SSH client, which helps protect sensitive information from interception


Our support team works hard to ensure that our service is of the highest quality and reliability. Whether you need help with setup or use, our technical support managers are always ready to answer your questions and offer effective solutions

How does it work?



Familiarize yourself with the structure of data sources, determine the list of tables (data) to be filled in, and select a database management system to create an information management system



Creating a data source using scripts and deploying it, connecting information sources to the Connector solution, and loading and checking the information display



Setting up a convenient schedule for automatic data updates, downloading information for a historical period, and the ability to view the download history

Data sources

Our out-of-the-box data structure for various database management systems ensures optimal organization and storage of your data. The structure is built considering the specifics of a particular source, including formats, information characteristics, and other unique features.

Our approach allows you to focus on analyzing and using data rather than solving complex tasks of structuring and organizing information.

SSH tunnel

SSH tunnel makes data transfer secure when you want to send important information over unreliable networks to protect it from unauthorized access.

Using an SSH tunnel is an essential element in providing a connection to remote servers without the need to use insecure protocols.

File mapping

File mapping allows you to work flexibly with files by setting up a mapping between data and entities, columns in uploaded files, and columns that match the structure of the service table.

Our system will check for files of the selected entity and start data validation automatically.If necessary, you can use manual settings.

Download schedule

Please set up a daily data download on our service and ensure continuous access to analytical insights. After setting up the schedule, data will be automatically downloaded at the specified time.

Download history

View the history of every data upload that was started manually or scheduled. You can also compare the uploaded data for a document with the data displayed on the BES platform. This feature will help you ensure data accuracy and avoid errors.

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