Sales Plans



Reports on Datawiz BI service

The "Sales Plans" report is designed to analyze plans for key sales metrics and the effectiveness of their completion. It contains three tabs: Plan on Stores, Plan on Categories, Plan on Category Managers.

Note! Sales plans can be created and modified with a Data Console solution. If you do not have access to the Data Console solution contact your administrator.


The tabs represent the main planned metrics in terms of stores/categories/CM. Their functionality allows to:

  • review plans and their completion on the main sales metrics for each store (category/CM) of the chain;
  • analyze data at different levels, going from the highest level (stores/categories/CM) to the lowest one (SKU).
  • form a rating of stores (categories/CM) on plans execution metrics.

Note! The plan on CM is formed by a system on the basis of the plan on categories.

"Columns" button allows to choose the necessary metrics for generating a report:

All these metrics are presented for: Sales, Sales Qty, Profit, Margin,%, Markup,%, Avg Receipt.

Note! Sales plans, Sales Qty, Profit and Avg Receipt are created and changed on the Data Console service. Margin and Markup Sales plans are formed by the system automatically, based on plans for other metrics.

"Templates" button - saves the configured report columns as a template.

On the right above the table a context menu is opened where the user can select the following actions:

  • "Lock the total row" - fixes the "Total" row in the top row of the table.
  • "Save XLS" - saves table data to an xls-file.

To quickly find the necessary unit (store, category, etc.), in the table enter the first letters/symbols of the unit name in the search field. The search works automatically, leaving all found matches in the table.

To reset the search results you must click on the cross in the search field.

The selection of filters makes it possible to carry out the analysis within the specified conditions.

Filters button is placed on the right side above the report. Clicking on it opens a modal window with the following filters:

  • Period
  • Stores
  • Categories
  • Category Managers