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19 października 2022
Store Manager: How to Eliminate "Problem Areas" in the Store in Time?
Store Manager: How to Eliminate "Problem Areas" in the Store in Time?


PhD, Financial consultant at Datawiz

Store Manager: How to Effectively Manage a Store From Your Phone?

The effectiveness of chain management directly depends on the timeliness and completeness of the data received. Because only up-to-date information about the real state of doings in the store will allow you to make informed and effective decisions.


The real-time analysis allows the store manager to:

✅ Increase profit by ↑ 2.3% by studying the key indicators of the store;
✅ Reduce overstocks by ↓ 5-17%;
✅ Decrease storage costs by up to ↓ 25%;
✅ Reduce lost sales by ↓ 13%;
✅ Optimize the assortment and increase sales by up to ↑ 17%.



Useful tools and directions for store analysis

To achieve high chain profitability, the manager should use the following tools.


  • Analysis of key store metrics in real-time. Metrics that are indicators of the "health" of the chain (sales value, sales qty, receipts qty, etc.) should be evaluated with different temporal details: day, week, and month. This will quickly identify the problem and its causes and prevent negative consequences.


  • Monitor the completion of the plan. Daily control of the plan completion on various metrics allows you to achieve the desired goals. So, if you understand the trend of store sales in the middle of the month, you can predict the expected completion of the plan and, if necessary, adjust the efficiency of staff.


  • Identification of gaps in the store assortment. Identifying and working with problem goods (not on the shelf, no price tag, zero stocks) allows you to quickly solve gaps in the store and minimize their negative impact on sales.


  • Analysis of promo products. Each created promotion is a whole complex of marketing research and expenses for its carrying out. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor the reaction of buyers to promotional products, recording a successful or failed experience. It allows you to generate a profitable marketing strategy for the chain.


  • Assessment of the level of customer service. The absence of queues increases the store's rating among customers. Therefore, it is important to analyze the POS-terminals capacity during the day. It will allow you to determine the rush hours and open additional terminals or, conversely, close the extra ones when the number of customers is insignificant.

All of these tools and much more you can implement with our mobile application Store Manager. It allows you to analyze the performance of each store at any convenient time and in any place. Daily data updates make all information relevant for effective management.


Our Store Manager application can be your eyes, which will allow you to identify problem areas in time and solve them quickly.


What is a Store Manager?


The Store Manager is a handy mobile application for a store manager. With it, you can easily:

  • manage and control key KPIs of the store and employees;
  • evaluate product sales and take corrective action;
  • find and solve daily problems automatically using the built-in Task manager system.

To do this, it is possible to create and perform individual tasks, and generate dashboards for store managers to increase operational and commercial efficiency.

Daily data updates are another benefit of the Store Manager. This allows you to receive up-to-date information about the situation in the store and always be aware of all the affairs.


This is not a complete list of the possibilities that the Store Manager app can provide you. Its functionality is focused on the efficient management of the store and maximizing its profitability.

To learn more about Store Manager, email us at send@datawiz.io.


Control and improve the efficiency of store managers at any time using your smartphone!



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