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Each retailer has unique characteristics, so at Datawiz we develop a customized approach for each client based on their needs

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Frequently asked questions

The price is calculated for each client individually. To calculate the price, you need to provide our manager with the following information:f
  • number of sales points (stores, etc.);
  • number of SKUs (product items) your chain operates with;
  • number of receipts in the chain for the last month.
Payment for the solution consists of 2 payments: an integration payment and a monthly payment once the company starts using the services. Please note that the monthly payment becomes active only after the setup of all processes and full integration.
Staff training is included in the integration fee and takes place simultaneously with the data integration, so there is no additional charge for it. The training will be provided by
Integration with the service is done by creating an intermediate database that needs to be filled with specific data. Our ETL team provides the necessary list of data and fully supports this process from the beginning to the end of integration.
The ETL team will provide the necessary list of data for integration during the first technical call and will support this process throughout.
The client independently determines the desired analytical period for displaying on the service. The chain's data is loaded into the intermediate database for the period chosen by the client.
This question is discussed and agreed upon in advance with the client. From practical experience, upon the client's request, our product can be integrated into most accounting systems.
Please note that our services are backed by a qualified support team that will help you resolve issues and assist in any situation.
We do not limit the number of users: the client company can provide access to the service for any number of employees and set different levels of access for different chain departments.
Yes, you determine the roles of users and their levels of access to information and analytics on the service. This allows you to provide access only to the necessary information for working with the service.
We take data security seriously at Datawiz. Our servers are hosted in Germany and our data centers are protected by 24-hour surveillance. Our clients remain the sole owners of their data. Only they have access to their information because we comply with data security and privacy laws.
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