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23 kwietnia 2024
PlanoHero tariff plans. Overview of features and benefits
PlanoHero tariff plans. Overview of features and benefits
Vadym Herman

Vadym Herman

Datawiz expert

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As retailers at all levels scale and expand, the use of customer data is coming to the fore and becoming an integral part of business intelligence. More accurate information is needed to avoid unnecessary costs. That is why developing Business Intelligence solutions, data visualization tools, or other programs, services, and systems that provide store analytics is underway. Besides, we should remember analytics based on AI technology.


In any case, competent and high-quality retail data optimization provides retail insights. It is only possible to achieve high performance manually and make the right strategic decisions with BI tools. Thus, the importance of finding effective reporting, understandable dashboards, and a full-fledged business analysis platform is a retailer's primary task. 

It's no secret that there are many ways to visualize data, optimize retail data, or create essential reports, but it's best to have all the possible analysis tools in one place. 


The BI platform for retailers and stores

Datawiz has been on the market for over 11 years. All this time, we have been constantly communicating with retailers and customers. We understand how the retail market works, how insights from our products improve business performance, and how BI dashboards speed up all analysis processes. We are constantly developing and improving our analytics based on AI/ML technologies, data visualization tools, etc.

Thus, we offer the best Business Intelligence solution and an entire analytical platform for stores and retailers.

Datawiz BES (Business Effectiveness Solution) is a platform that covers the entire analysis and retail automation process. Algorithms find helpful insights and problems in real-time. They also notify all levels of management about them.

Our analytics platform is a powerful BI tool that provides:

  • AI/ML-based analytics
  • BI dashboards and data visualization tools
  • comprehensive business intelligence and reporting
  • data monetization
  • mobile applications
  • merchandising automation


Features and functions of scheduling

We want to emphasize scheduling as an essential process in retail. Competent work with the layout of goods and optimization of retail space allows retailers to gain significant advantages in a competitive environment. 

PlanoHero is a service that automates merchandising, from creating planograms to controlling the display in the store. We understand that effective software solutions for retail help in the daily routine processes of chains. That is why we are constantly developing to automate the process of business analysis, optimize retail data, and improve visualization tools and methods of shelf management in stores. 

Thanks to its features and capabilities, PlanoHero provides retailers with insights and essential information for making strategic decisions. 

Create planograms

PlanoHero tariff plans. Overview of features and benefits

At PlanoHero, we believe in a world where technology makes retailer life easier. We know that effective retail software solutions help retailers with daily routine processes. And that's why we are constantly working to automate processes and provide our customers with the best tools for managing store shelf space.

PlanoHero is a service that automates planogramming, from creating planograms to controlling the display in the store.

Working with our customers and providing the functionality for planning, we felt the need for a more individual approach to users. We developed a system of access to the service through a paid subscription system.

From now on, PlanoHero will offerthree tariff plans for working with planograms. The new Starter, Pro, and Enterprise tariff packages consider different networks' needs and solve the tasks of creating, optimizing, and managing planograms, as well as analyzing their effectiveness.


What makes our tariff plans so unique? 

Each plan is designed to meet the needs of different types of businesses, from small convenience stores to large retail chains. The system of different tariff plans with different functionality will allow every retailer to find the best solution for their business. Let's take a closer look at each plan and its benefits so you can make the best choice for your business. 

PlanoHero is one of the few scheduling platforms that allows you to try a free demo version of the service first and then choose a paid subscription.

Overview of PlanoHero tariff plans

Starter. The beginning of your success
The Starter plan is ideal for those looking for basic but effective functionality for creating planograms. By choosing this plan, you get the opportunity to:

  • draw up to 15 store floor plans;
  • build commercial equipment of any type;
  • create up to 500 custom planograms;
  • update product parameters;
  • set up a simplified auto-layout or download it from Excel; 
  • get daily support from our support managers

Pro. Advanced features for professionals
Suppose you are interested not only in creating planograms but also in advanced features for customizing planograms and controlling the execution of the layout in stores. In that case, the Pro tariff plan will suit you.  The plan's advantages include the ability to upload various types of data, send planograms to the store for execution, set deadlines, and monitor executed planograms.

By choosing the Pro plan, you get the opportunity to:

  • draw up to 50 plans of the store premises; 
  • place commercial equipment on the plan;
  • create up to 1000 custom planograms; 
  • set up auto-layout on the planogram;
  • send planograms for execution to the store;
  • set deadlines for the execution of the layout in stores;
  • track time using a time tracker;
  • check photo reports of completed planograms;
  • upload data to the service via Connector or Excel files.

Enterprise. Full control and automation
The Enterprise plan is the best choice for those who dream of complete control and automation of the network scheduling process. It gives you access to the full functionality of the service, including creating planograms, setting up layouts, working with assortment, monitoring the execution of planograms, the PlanoHero Layout mobile application, and analyzing layout efficiency.

The full functionality of the service is available here, which allows you to customize all stages of the online planogramming process.

This plan best suits medium and large networks that need to automate scheduling and reduce time and resources for routine processes.

Features of the Enterprise package:

  • unlimited number of store plans;
  • unlimited number of planograms;
  • customization of your own layout rules;
  • mobile application for access to planograms;
  • rotation of goods;
  • analytical module and reports on the network;
  • support in downloading data.

All PlanoHero plans include daily support from support managers. 

Before choosing a plan, try the 14-day free trial period of PlanoHero. You will have limited functionality, but it will be enough to understand how the service works. 



Tariff plans PlanoHero:

  • Starter – $149 per month
  • Pro – $299 per month
  • Enterprise – the cost is calculated individually.



Regardless of which plan you choose, PlanoHero is always ready to help you with your planning needs. Our goal is not only to simplify the process of creating planograms but also to provide tools that will help you manage and analyze the process of planogramming.

Choose your plan today and get new opportunities for your business with PlanoHero. Manage your shelf space efficiently and effectively.



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