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22 kwietnia 2022
How Can You Motivate Your Employees?
How Can You Motivate Your Employees?


PhD, Financial consultant at Datawiz

Useful Tips: How to Motivate Employees


Everyone knows that the basis of the behavior of any person (not only seller) is needs. And these are not only physiological and material needs, but also the need for respect and recognition, the need for creative self-expression, etc. So, the material staff motivation is not the only one option.


Tools of non-material staff motivation


Consider a few ways how to motivate employees using intangible tools.


1. Pay attention to employees.It is important to introduce a "culture of gratitude" for their work in personnel management. Gratitude in this case is symbolic. In order for employees to be able to appreciate it, they need to consider themselves as a part of the company (regardless of their position). Then their personal goals and interests will be identified with the goals of the company. And more importantly - call employees by name (Dale Carnegie spoke about this).


2. Success recognition.In this case, you can use the Honor Board. It is one of the ways of non-material employee motivation. To inform about the achievements of the best employees by creating a special corporate board, giving a leader's T-shirt, or making an announcement on the internal radio. The employees should know that their merits are noticed and appreciated. The staff merits to the company, which have been appreciated, motivate them to show excellent results again and again.


3. Knowledge of what is happening in the company.Organize more meeting with team. Sharing news is a good motivation, as well as the possibility of feedback. Give employees the opportunity to speak, take into account their wishes and comments on the organization of work. People are pleased when they were heard. And you can hang a box for letters (suggestions), a board with stickers, etc. For interesting proposals, they can be rewarded financially.


4. Staff training can be a good motivation.Send employees to courses, internships, seminars and trainings. Promising employees need to be trained, and they will definitely bring a profit to the company.


5. Good working conditions.Provide rest areas for employees. Congratulations on significant dates. Put into practice the holding of corporate events. For example: "Best cashier", "Board game night", "Best seller", etc. Enter discounts on company services and products.


Remember that the emotional rise of employees is the best motivation for obtaining high-quality results: increasing sales, improving the quality of customer service, and increasing personal KPI. However, one should not forget that the non-material motivation of employees requires high self-discipline, a sequence of actions, and the desire to create a system for working with staff.



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