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"Everyone should have access to data". Testimonial from SHARJAH COOP
"Everyone should have access to data". Testimonial from SHARJAH COOP

Learn firsthand how our client uses business intelligence and how Datawiz BI has empowered SHARJAH COOP retail chain. This business case provides valuable insights into the importance of data analytics for making data-driven decisions.


So we asked our client, SHARJAH COOP, how they use our business intelligence reports, dashboard creation tool, mobile app for their store performance tracking, and an innovative supplier access service.

SHARJAH COOP – FMCG market leader in the United Arab Emirates.

Founded in 1977.

More than 65 stores.

The impact of Datawiz BI reporting on chain efficiency 

Datawiz BES was initially planned as a tool to add efficiency across all our divisions. Now it covers operations, marketing, and commercial departments. A future plan is to integrate even sourcing finance and IT. The ultimate goal is that everybody should have access to data; there should be data democratization, and we want everybody to know their data and plan what to do next with the current set of performance.

So what kind of reports do we use? In our day-to-day operations, we heavily rely on the Datawiz BI service for insightful reporting that helps in evaluating our performance. The primary reports we focus on are store-level and category-level reports, as they serve as key performance indicators (KPIs). These reports help us understand how each store is performing and identify successful categories. 

But apart from that, we also have insights that go beyond these standard store and category KPIs. These insights are crucial for gaining a deeper understanding of aspects such as brand performance and customer loyalty and how we can use them effectively. We have also started using BI reports to understand staff optimization and take necessary action at hourly level in our stores.

We strategically leverage these insights to ensure our macrospace is optimally utilized and contributes effectively to our overall business goals. This involves analyzing specific data points within our reports, allowing us to extract valuable insights, make informed decisions, and optimize our overall business strategy.

Insights: analytical service and decision-making

Recently, we’ve integrated Store Manager Mobile App into our operations, and it has proven to be an excellent platform for making store-level decisions in terms of performance insights and preparing for competition. 

Store Manager – mobile application for store managers that allows you to monitor the critical KPIs of the store, work with problematic products, and evaluate the plan performance via smartphone.

When it comes to gaining valuable insights, we heavily rely on data from BES for thorough stock monitoring. This data enables us to make precise decisions related to inventory management, ensuring optimal stock levels and overall operational efficiency.

Those insights are crucial, especially given the rapid pace of our operations, even with the maintenance of historical stock data. Efficient stock monitoring and the subsequent actions we take based on these insights prove to be highly beneficial.

Also, we plan to start using Supplier Access platform toimprove strategic cooperation with our suppliers.

Supplier Access or Data Monetization platform allows retailers to sell data to suppliers. The supplier gets paid access to data/packages on the BES platform.

From an insight perspective, we leverage BES to monitor our in-store activities. The ability to access real-time data aids us in gauging our stock levels and determining whether we have sufficient inventory for a particular brand. This information empowers us to take timely actions, ensuring that we are well-stocked and meeting the demands of our customers effectively.

Керування запасами за допомогою Datawiz BI
Save time and money – increase efficiency

Absolutely, the service proves to be a significant time-saver, and although there is an expenditure associated with it, the time saved far outweighs the costs that could have been spent on alternative systems.

In terms of money, I would say it's a saving, primarily due to the efficiency gains. 

The service allows us to streamline processes and avoid the potential costs associated with implementing other systems. Regarding time, the service excels. It significantly speeds up various tasks, such as creating dashboards and populating tools with real-time data. This efficiency translates into energy savings as well, as we no longer need to go back and forth between tools or spend time manually creating reports in Excel. The information is readily available in a dashboard format, saving both time and energy in the reporting process.

Recommendation of Datawiz BI to other retailers

Yes, I would love to recommend it to others, merely to other brands, retailers, and even non-retailers who have access to data. It would be helpful for those who are using a lot of data but still are not able to figure out how they can simplify it. 

The BI dashboard builder is an incredibly vital tool in industries where quick access to relevant information is paramount. Overall, this service is indispensable for maximizing the utility of data in any business setting.

With Datawiz BI our clients have not only optimized their day-to-day operations and marketing but also enhanced collaboration and decision-making processes. 


Key Takeaways from Datawiz BI and SHARJAH COOP collaboration:

  • Effective analysis of specific data points for real-world store performance and identification of best-selling categories
  • Analysis and visualization of key retail metrics through the BI dashboard builder
  • Insights into brand performance and customer loyalty with BI reports.
  • Stock level monitoring and precise inventory management decisions via the Store Manager app.
  • Significant time-saving benefits outweigh associated costs, leading to streamlined processes and cost savings.

We look forward to witnessing further success stories and innovations as our clients continue to harness the potential of cutting-edge tools like BI reporting, dashboard builder, mobile apps for managing store performance, and supplier access platform.




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