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17 de Enero de 2024
BI Tools: Interaction Of Technologies And Trends
BI Tools: Interaction Of Technologies And Trends
Vadym Herman

Vadym Herman

Datawiz expert



Every year, retailers have to adapt to changes on the market. These changes are driven by the rapid development of technologies in business analytics, the constant development of AI-based analytics in retail, and the inevitable increase in competition. Implementation of data analytics guarantees increased opportunities for the chain and ensures time optimization, which will allow for more efficient decision-making. In such an environment where your competitors also have access to thebest BI systems, choosing the best BI tool for your needs is essential. Learning how to extract insights from retail data in real-time is also important.


BI dashboards

Data visualization tools have been essential in the functionality of data analytics solutions for several years. Moreover, BI dashboards are perhaps the best way to optimize your analytics' retail data. Visibility technologies will continue to evolve and change, helping entrepreneurs to work effectively with a large amount of information. A graphical display of critical business process indicators will remain extremely important. Such BI tools have a direct impact on the efficiency and success of the chain, and due to their features, they are becoming the key to obtaining insights in retail: 

  • Fast communication
  • Effective presentations
  • Flexible settings
  • Intuitive interface

With these advantages, theDatawiz Builderdata visualization tool provides a competitive edge when working with reports. Work with the graphical display builder quickly and efficiently using drag-and-drop technology, display data at the desired levels, and analyze information presented as dynamic charts and graphs. 

Our team is constantly working to ensure that BI dashboard technology is continually improving and meeting the challenges of the retail market. Thus, Builder guarantees the most in-depth, relevant, and convenient real-time data analysis. 

AI technologies in retail

Artificial intelligence has long been a cutting-edge technology and an integral part of our daily lives. Due to the rapid development of this field, AI algorithms are being integrated into various areas, providing numerous benefits and optimizing operations. Retail is one of the key industries where intelligent systems are proving particularly effective. AI-based analytics in retail gives the chain flexibility and accelerates the business intelligence process, increasing the time for strategic decisions.

Any BI program or tool is hard to imagine without AI-powered reports. All the best Business Intelligence solutions will continue to provide the best business intelligence using AI systems. This is due to many factors: 

Firstly, it maximizes analysis capabilities: retail trends show that businesses are gradually scaling up, and integrating AI into the business intelligence process allows you always to observe chain changes in real time. In addition, intelligent system reports transform complex machine-learning analysis into an accessible and understandable language of numbers and visualizations. This allows you to improve data analysis methods and effectively work on essential steps for the development of the enterprise.

Second, AI-based reporting provides insights from retail data andpredictive analytics for retailers. For example, withDatawiz BI, you minimize the amount of losses in sales and profits of the chain by up to 25%, avoiding unfavorable patterns. Zero balances, untimely delivery of certain SKUs, and display errors can significantly reduce the chain's KPI. All this is thanks to artificial intelligence technologies.

And this is just a tiny part of how BI software can improve your analytics. With the help of reports with built-in machine learning algorithms, you can see all the obvious and hidden weaknesses in your business and get tips on fixing them quickly. Analytics based on AI technologies in retail has never been so effective.


Cloud-based BI technologies

It is hard to imagine a BI tool without cloud technologies that simplify the interaction of companies with their data. The trend towards cloud-based business solutions continues to hold a special place in retail. After all, BI programs that use the cloud provide efficient data processing, which does not require much maintenance. 

Any work with a data analytics solution begins with downloading Big Data from the chain. In this case, the integration of information takes place on cloud services, which allows you to monitor the security and accuracy of the transfer. And this is undoubtedly an essential aspect of advanced BI systems for stores. 

The Datawiz team understands how much online data synchronization affects decision-making. Therefore, assessing the needs of analytics in retail, we created theDatawiz ConnectorBI tool, which allows you to upload data to the platform services easily. And also to control the entire process of data exchange in real-time. It is important to note that cloud technologies are not only convenient but also practical:

  • Saving time and battery life
  • User-friendly interface
  • Security of the service
  • Support.

Thus, integrating your Big Data into Datawiz cloud servers provides constant access to data. Without wasting time on integration and continuous information monitoring, you are guaranteed to move on to business analytics. This will allow you to get insights from retail data and not worry about information security.


The use of the BI mentioned above tools can make the data analytics process much more efficient and easy to use simultaneously. Data visualization tools guarantee fast reporting and work with specific metrics. Dashboards facilitate easy understanding of large amounts of information. AI-based analytics in retail allows companies to remain competitive and prevent unnecessary expenses. Predictive analytics will maximize your revenue and ensure the quality growth of your chain's critical indicators. All of this is only possible with cloud BI technologies that quickly respond to business environment changes. Constant online access gives you autonomy in decision-making. 

Thanks to the best BI tools, you will receive structured data to start turning into retail insights from the first day of service integration. We know that the business intelligence process can be complicated. But not with Datawiz! Your data is our answer.



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