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23 de Febrero de 2024
Why Do You Need A Stock And Store Management App On Your Phone?
Why Do You Need A Stock And Store Management App On Your Phone?
Vadym Herman

Vadym Herman

Datawiz expert

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From the first day of developing and implementing our BI analytical system, we set ourselves to guaranteeing everyone access to powerful and fast analytics. And make the business analysis process easy and efficient so that users don't waste time and can get on with the business at hand. 

Regardless of the level of analytical skills or other technical abilities, the main idea behind using our BI tool is to make quick strategic decisions. Realizing how rapidly the retail market is changing and advanced BI systems for stores are constantly adapting; we recognize that the development of analytics in mobile applications for stores is a critical component of gaining insights into retail. 

What is mobile analytics for a store? 

Mobile analytics tools allow you to monitor key indicators of an outlet, work with problematic products, and evaluate the implementation of sales plans. In addition, analytics on the phone, thanks to daily data updates, allows you to get up-to-date information about the situation in the store.  

The primary purpose of a smartphone application for a store is to collect, analyze, and use data to gain insight from retail data in the fastest possible way. Mobile analytics allows store managers to make decisions on the go and guarantees quick access to critical business indicators. 

With the idea of having access to business intelligence tools at your fingertips, we decided to develop the Store Manager mobile app. Our app allows you to optimize your retail data and make effective management decisions. Analyzing store sales in a mobile application is the best standalone solution for business data analysis in today's retail market trends. Given that we spend more and more time on our phones, smartphone-based business intelligence solutions will soon take a dominant position in BI systems for stores.


Mobile application for analytics Store Manager

Store Manager is a mobile application for a store on a phone for operational control of chain and outlet performance indicators. It is a critical BI tool for top-chain management, store managers, or supervisors. It optimizes retail data, can conduct predictive analytics for retail, and works with one database using cloud BI technologies.

This mobile analytical solution is a step forward for users who want to get retail insights with just a few smartphone taps. From now on, they can enjoy all the benefits of a store BI system directly from their mobile devices. 

Benefits of a mobile app for trade management

Store Manager, as a stock and store management application, guarantees inventory control and process automation from a smartphone. In addition, this BI solution offers other significant benefits:

  • Integration with the BI system: The mobile analytics app is part of the more extensive Datawiz Business Intelligence solution. Integration into the solution provides a full range of data for effective management from any device - phone, tablet, or laptop.  
  • BI dashboards:Dynamic dashboards created in Datawiz BI are available for viewing in the application. This speeds up the process twice: not only do you have the ability to use dashboards, but you can do it on your phone.
  • Problem-solving: The mobile application allows you to work effectively with goods in just a few taps on the screen. The manager can identify and solve problems detected daily by algorithms or physically on-site.


Why is mobile analytics so crucial for stores? 

As we mentioned earlier, strategic decision-making on the phone is an opportunity to improve the business analysis process for store managers and executives. We spend a lot of time on our phones regardless of our activities, whether working or on social media. Therefore, essential work processes will eventually move to smartphones to a greater extent.

Business intelligence tools and various BI systems are constantly improving and adapting to market needs. Warehouse and trade management applications or programs for product accounting and business automation are a logical continuation and development of Business Intelligence solutions. The rapid growth of AI technologies, data visualization tools, and the possibility of predictive analytics for retailers allow retailers to increase sales and stay competitive. Sales analytics for stores is one of the BI tools that ensures the development of your business. So why not use it?



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