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16 de Mayo de 2024
Feedback from Taistra Group on Datawiz BI integration and the impact of the solution
Feedback from Taistra Group on Datawiz BI integration and the impact of the solution

It is impossible to work in modern retail without Business Intelligence. In the world of trade, where data is the most essential thing, business intelligence is an indispensable component. Data analysis helps retailers understand customer needs, forecast demand, manage inventory efficiently, and respond to changes in the retail market. In such circumstances, Datawiz BI becomes the key to the successful functioning of the business, allowing it to develop and make critical strategic decisions.

We asked our client, Taisra Group, why they chose our analytical solution, what BI functionality they use in their work, and how they optimized business processes after integrating Datawiz BI.

Taisra Group is a grocery store chain with 87 stores in 5 regions.

Founded in 2002, it employs more than 1500 people and continues to grow and scale.

Close to home is the brand's slogan, which conveys the logistics strategy of Taistra stores.


Why we chose Datawiz BI analytical solution

We had a request to see the dynamics of sales movement, analyze various indicators in numbers, etc.. Still, we did not understand how to put it all together. How to present it in such a way that the information was readable. I did not understand what the result would be and how to use it. Before implementing the analytical solution, I had to take several steps to analyze it.

Now we understand that we can get specific indicators and reports online by clicking 1-2 buttons. We know that we can work with the data we receive, work directly in the solution, convert it to other formats, etc. We chose it because it's fast, efficient, and high-quality. The functionality of Datawiz BI is broader than that of the previous analytical program used by the manager. 

As an example, the Sales Plans report is interesting, as it gives an understanding of the achievement of targets. To get this information, we would have had to make an effort on our part, but the analytical system already has it. Our team just has to use it and implement certain actions: what to do to achieve results and to improve the numbers. 

We clearly understand, and the BI solution lets us know why the product is not moving, i.e., not being sold, at specific points. Why is it not sold? It should be sold, and there are various reasons and explanations, thanks to reports and analytics. Therefore, an analytical solution first gives us information on what to pay attention to. 


What analytical reports and BI functionality does the company use?

I remember that we use a lot of reports, but it depends on the task. In particular, turnover, average receipt, work with overstock, work with out-of-stock, and so on. We have speed, truthfulness, and quality. We are confident in the numbers. The solution allows us to see problems and ways to solve them – for example, the problem with the overstock above. 

I observe that there are many factors, moments, and different tasks that a manager faces. I observe how he combines several reports and combines numbers, and based on the results of the comparison, he solves the problem with the inventory, for example. 

All sales reports, average receipts, and everything related to dynamics: the percentage of the current period to the previous period, the percentage of the current year with the year earlier, and so on. We can analyze it up and down. The critical point is that we can use a wide range of indicators, the so-called KPIs, to evaluate our work – Datawiz BI has everything ready. I have dynamics, I have comparisons, and I want specific numbers. We have to fulfill the sales targets, but sometimes, some tasks cannot be fulfilled for one reason or another, and we cannot get a specific figure. However, we understand that we are fulfilling the dynamics and can track it all.

I can even predict the dynamics of the fall, the negative dynamics. That's why Datawiz BI is a reasonably quick solution for setting indicators, and even more, it takes just a few clicks to check and measure them further. We have a relevant indicator: we forecast it with your analytical tools and measure it with your product.

Saving time by working with Datawiz

Previously, to get four planned indicators, a category manager had to spend half a working day generating, processing reports, and displaying approximate projected figures. Then, the predicted results should be measured during the subsequent evaluation, along with the plan for fulfillment or non-fulfillment and the reasons for this. Processing this information also takes half a day.   

If I need to find specific information, I turn to the commercial director, who can quickly analyze indicators, KPIs, etc. If we evaluate, business analysis has become several times more effective.


Issues of recommending and cooperating with a BI service

We will cooperate and recommend. We recently had a meeting where we got acquainted with your product. We talked about the fact that there is a specific analytical solution on the market that can provide retail analytics, and we use it. We understand that we need it, so we use it. As for the prospects of our partners or competitors using it, it all depends on the business objectives of other companies.

We understand that we need to save time, high-quality figures, various reports, and even more than reports.

Another exciting aspect is that after integrating with Datawiz, we could always learn. The solution has a lot of information: what kind of report or indicator it is, how it is measured, etc. We read the "Knowledge Base" or the tutorial inside the solution, and no additional presentations or circles were needed.

Even if we have any questions, we can contact your customer support to understand the analysis of specific indicators.



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