Tableau Software

Tableau Software  is the system of interactive analytics. It helps to make deep analysis of large data sets.


Integration between & TableauSoftware allows for’s customers upload any quantity of historical data by one click. There are a lot of information about receipts, sales, loyalty program. Connection process takes only a few minutes. customers have access to different Tableau’s tools, which help structure and process of large data sets, build interactive charts and graphs.  Every customers also can generate customized dashboards and share them with his/her colleagues.


Tableau does possible:

  • the building interactive planogram with a large quantity of metrics;

  • view it in dynamics for long periods of time;

  • to see that what would be hard to understand in the standard approach to building planogram.


Tableau’s Tools are:

  • complement analytical reports,

  • extend analysis and data visualization,

  • give additional possibilities to build dashboards