At, we hire really great people who have passion, confidence and ability to take down hardest tasks.
If you are ready for such a responsibility, let's work together.

Open Positions

We appreciate people who is a fast learner and have desire to grow.

Our Mission

Stay at the frontier of new tech, yet apply cutting edged technologies into products that influence people’s daily life.
What you will create in will be seen and truly matter to people around you.

Work at

Our solutions are used by the companies that you, your family and friends meet everyday such as the convenient stores near your home and your favorite restaurant. Join us and help them to do better job.

New Team, New Possibilities

Here at, we don’t judge who you are and where you study. Your passion and work talk for itself. Working with best side-by-side brings out the best out of each other. Your work is always appreciated by company and colleagues.

Before climbing Mount Khomyak
During the game "Rat out races"
Cowboy Party
On SaaS Nation Conference

Our Interview Process

You need to go through three stages of the interview, to become part of the team.

Test tasks

Test tasks are based directly on the technologies that we use everyday. We’ll evaluate your code and solutions.

Technical interview

Show that you know algorithms and how to use them in real projects. We will check your knowledge and ability to find solutions quickly.

Competency interview

Tell us about your life experience and goals. We will understand if you will fit to our team and also assess your social skill and ability to communicate.

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Phone: +38 (068) 563-91-31