Datawiz Builder

Datawiz Builder - is an online service for data visualization. It allows you to create customized dashboards for all business process of the shop chain.


The Service helps to do such the following things:

  • structure historical data,

  • build dynamic charts and visualization,

  • create interactive visualization.


In addition, you can chose the way to display and combine data on the dashboards. Besides, you can also share it with your colleagues.


All created dashboards and visualizations are integrated to BI accounts. They complement analytical reports and make the analysis more easier.


You can form Dashboards personally for every worker depending on his tasks and goals. For example:

  • for top managers you can create dashboards with general metrics and their dynamics;

  • for store directors - with shop metrics;

  • for categories managers - with visualizations of products and categories sales.


Datawiz Builder allow all members’ of business process:

  • create personalized reports depending on goals;

  • optimize and accelerate analysis and control processes;

  • accept immediate and well-grounded decisions;

  • save time for other tasks.