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Your retail chain generates big data every day: data on turnover, sales, income, stocks, and other information. If this data is properly collected and analyzed, it helps to attract new clients, build new development strategies, and strengthen one's position in the market

With the help of the BES platform, you can not only get insights for making important decisions but also share valuable information with your partners

Data Share is a part of the BES platform that provides the infrastructure for selling data to suppliers or manufacturers


How does it work?

Retail chain

Provides the supplier with paid access to data on the BES platform. Chain managers can independently determine what data and in what terms they need to provide access and create a personal account for each supplier


Get access to their account on the BES platform. The reporting of the platform allows them to analyze the demand for their products by region or stores, evaluate the stocks at retail stores and track the turnover of goods

Benefits for your retail chain


Infrastructure for selling data

The platform provides a convenient and easy-to-use tool for accessing data. All the data that needs to be provided to the supplier is already structured and collected in one place. Chain managers can only provide data access. Thus, managers can monitor the activity of each supplier and get information about what they analyze on the platform

Transparency of relations

When preparing for a negotiation campaign, the chain and the supplier have the same analytical data. Each side operates with the same statistics on sales dynamics, stocks at retail stores, and the supplier's share in sales. Both sides could find the right arguments for a successful negotiation campaign, and build transparent and mutually beneficial business relationships



With the Data Share module, the retail chain can return the funds spent on BES analytics. By selling data to suppliers, the retailer receives a source of passive income and loyalty from partners

Reducing short deliveries

With access to data, your chain's suppliers can predict in-store run out of goods, improve the quality of your order fulfillment, and reduce short deliveries