Comparative analysis of typical customer baskets in retail

Antonina KelmanMarch 10, 2016
Retail basket analysis involves the study of patterns of customer behavior. Results help to shape targeted marketing activity to plan and create personalized promotional offers for better service to increase customer loyalty. In this article we describe several cases of typical customer baskets comparison.Read More

Price Elasticity in Retail

Antonina KelmanMarch 10, 2016
We propose a model of price elastisity which works for correlation of product prices in different shops. It helps our clients to increase everyday profit with clever price reduction that affects customer demand.Read More

Math as an Oracle for Retailers. Correlation and linear models

Antonina KelmanMarch 10, 2016
Could we predict or influence in some way future sales of the shop? Is it possible to find products, which sales have a great influence on total turnover and total store sale? How math and statistics could be useful in retail?Read More
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